The only detangler hairbrush for all hair types and hard to brush hair. Great for kids, women, sensitive heads, beards and even pets

Ok, to make life easier for you, we have compiled information about brushes, your order, shipping, returns and guarantees and anything else that others have been asking we thought you need to know. 



Same Day Shipping - Australia Wide
If you order on a weekday before 10:00am (Sydney, Australia Time) your order will be shipped the same day. Any orders placed after 10:00am will be shipped the next business day. Orders placed on a weekend will be shipped first thing Monday morning. So if you want express post, get the order in before 10am or it will be shipped first thing the next day. 
Generally how long will it take for my order to arrive 
We use Australia Post. We do that because our customers are all over the country, not just in the city. We have found Australia Post to be very very good for our customers and is you oder standard shipping it will take 2-3 days to arrive metro and 3-5 days country. 
International Shipping
All international customers need to be aware that they are responsible for any customs and import duties on your order. Your parcel will be labeled correctly with the Australian Dollar value of the order. 


Changing Brush Colours just after order
We suggest you think about what colour brush you want BEFORE you order.  The reason for this is our turnaround shipping time is pretty quick, usually within a few hours, so if you want to change your order or change colours of brushes, contact us immediately and keep in mind the shipping times outlined in the FAQs. So, to be honest, we cant guarantee we can change your order in time, but we will do our very best to serve and support you. 
Your order has not arrived
Check the address of your order. Sometimes when people pay with PayPal, the address PayPal picks up is an old address and your oder has been shipped there. 
Also check with your local Post Office. Sometimes, your local post office has your delivery and the card isn't in your mailbox or has been caught up with other mail and you have missed it. Call or visit the post office and quote the tracking number you have received in your confirmation email. 


Is there differences in the colour of the brushes?
Yes, there is. The blue brush is a softer brush designed for children under 4 years old and also for people with sensory challenges. Its for very fine hair that is either long and whispy or really fine. The blue brush is gentle enough to work on sensitive heads and fine hair. 
The gold brush is a medium strength brush with longer pins and we've found works on 95% of people and hair types. It is our fifth generation brush and its a cracker. Great for all heads and all types of hair and all ages and are pain free. 
The pink, purple, red, black and white brushes are for normal to thick hair and they are excellent for kids (5 years and up) as they detangle and brush through hair without pain. They are not ideal for really thick hair - you'll want to gold one for really thick hair. 
The pocket mini brush has a lot smaller head than our standard paddle brushes. Because of its size the pocket brush doesn't have a curve, however the spacing of the bristles and pins sees it work just as well as the big paddle brushes. its great for little kids and the finish of the brush gives it a silky smooth touch. Guys love it as its small enough for their short hair and beards as well. 
Brush Combinations and Brush Packs
Can I choose any colour brush to go in the brush packs? Yes you can. Just add the individual colours to the cart and the cart will calculate and discount the package for you. So 2 brushes will be the same as the Princess Pack and 3 brushes will be the same as the Happy Pack and same for 4 or 5 brushes as well. So you can choose whatever colours you want for 3, 4 or 5 packs for the discounted rate. 


We have a 100% Happiness and Money-back Guarantee on all our brushes. You will know straight away whether you love this brush or your don't. Just letting you know that 99% of people love it. So if you dont love it, PLEASE let us know immediately and we will organise a Free return of the product back to us and also a full refund for the brush/es and shipping. If you paid customs and local country tax, we will need receipts for this to refund as well. 
We will be adding more FAQs as they come to had. 


We have a 100% Happiness/Money back Guarantee on all our brushes. We are certain it can can remove daily trauma of kid's hair brushing out of your lives forever! If you buy it and it doesn't work for you or your child, we offer a complete 100% money back guarantee.

Please get in contact with us within the first 14 days of having it (you'll know straight away) then send it back to us and we will refund you the purchase price and the postage to send it back. Your busy life doesn't need another thing to feel guilty about. So if it doesnt work, let us know by email or phone or on the contact us tab on this page and our customer support team will happily refund every cent you spent. Promise xxx

Our Happy Hair Locks do NOT have the Happiness Guarantee as they are a consumable. If your locks are damaged or defective, please let us know immediately and we will replace them. We do not offer refunds for change of mind purchase of the Happy Hair Locks.