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The Mums Behind The Movement

Founders of Happy Hair Brush

Mothers, Sisters, Friends & Problem Solvers

Every mother/daughter relationship’s hope is one of happiness, joy, inspiration, wisdom, fun, growth, connection and so much more. Single mum Jen Harwood and her  daughter Rose have a deep bond yet it was tested and stretched EVERY morning when Rose turned 5 when her hair was long and it had to be put up in a ponytail as per pre-school requirements.

Jen was about to ‘chop it all off’ a year later when Rose went to school as the daily drama and upset was a battlefield by the front door and neither mother or daughter won. After a year of this struggle, Jen had had enough and being the entrepreneur she is, worked with manufacturers to create a hair brush combination and design that would stand up to the use and stress put on a brush for the mornings and evening brushing sessions. She ran it past her sister Kate and she said... "Every parent needs this" and Kate backed Jen 100%.

From there, the business has been growing fast and the range has expanded into 10 standard brushes and 4 mini brushes and 4 baby brushes and hair accessories. One of the standard brushes has been designed especially soft, yet still effective for sensory challenges & very sensitive scalps. 

Jen has grown the team to 10. We have our Customer Care Manager - Jenny Holder and we also have Nik, Taylah, Shaun, Tim, Vinno, Nicole, and Lisa plus our children working with us as well. Our mission has also expanded to make one million people happy (young & old) everywhere!

We wanted to share this product with you all because it ACTUALLY WORKS. Plain and simple. We've noticed that after a week of using it on kids, morning hair brushing isn't an issue anymore and the whole morning dynamic has changed. Seriously, one less upset at the start of the day, leads to a happier day for you, your child and everyone. That's making a happier home, a happier family and a happier world for us all! How does it get any better than that?

We are excited to help so many people. We are very grateful for this privilege of changing lives and making a difference.