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Happy Hair™ is run by an expert team of parents who are on a mission to transform families' lives by creating unique and expertly designed hair products. Based in Sydney, Australia, the company's product range includes hair brushes, hair care and hair accessories.

Since it's inception in 2018, Happy Hair™ has been specialising in hair brushes for adults and children thereby helping families to transform brushing battles involving tears, screams and fights into a positive bonding experience between parents and kids. "After a week of using the Happy Hair Brush™ on your child, morning hair brushing isn't an issue anymore and the whole morning dynamic changes. One less upset at the start of the day leads to a happier day for you, your child and everyone. That's making a happier home, a happier family and a happier world for us all! How does it get any better than that?" explains Jen Harwood, CEO & founder of Happy Hair™.

Happy Hair™ also offers Australian made, salon professional hair care products especially developed for kids to help families with the bathing & showering routine as we know how challenging it can be washing children's hair. All hair care products have been created without the use of nasties so parents can be confident that they are only using the very best on their loved ones.

How it all began

The mum daughter relationship is often one of happiness, joy, inspiration, wisdom, fun, growth, connection and so much more.

Happy Hair™ founder Jen Harwood knows this too well. As a single mum, she and her daughter Rose have a deep bond yet it was tested and stretched EVERY morning when Rose turned 5. Her hair was long and it had to be put up in a ponytail as per pre-school requirements.

After a year of struggle and trying out many different brushes, Jen had had enough and being the entrepreneur she is, she looked for manufacturers to create her own brush. It took various rounds of prototypes until the Original Happy Hair Brush™ was born – a brush that combines 5 designs in one.

Jen was thrilled as she finally had a brush which allowed her to brush Rose’s hair without any pain, screaming or fighting, even when the hair was tangled and knotty.

After showing the new brush to her sister Kate and her close friends she realised that she was on to something as they were just as excited as she was! Jen realised: this brush would make a lot of people happy! Solving the daily brush drama could completely change the parent and child relationship and transform stressful morning routines into a daily bonding exercise. 

From there, the business has been growing fast and the range has expanded into the Original Happy Hair Brushes, Sensory Brushes, Vegan Brushes, Mini Brushes, Baby Brushes, Hair Care, and Hair Accessories

"I created the happy hair brush to solve my own brushing battles with my daughter Rose, little did I know that I would start a hair revolution.

I think the most rewarding thing about it all is the customer feedback we are getting! There is so much gratitude which makes this journey so worthwhile!“

Jen Harwood,CEO & Founder Happy Hair™

Our Team

Jen Harwood

CEO and Founder

As an award winning motivational speaker, author and business coach, Jen's life has always been about transforming people's lives. Happy Hair™ was initially a side hustle that resulted from her own fights and dramas brushing her pre-schooler daughter's hair. After realising how the Happy Hair Brush™ changes families' lives, she decided to make this her primary focus in 2018. Now, Happy Hair™ is a national success and Jen & her team are on a mission to transform the world around hair.

Jenny Holder

General Manager

Jenny has been a part of the Happy Hair™ family since the early days of the business. As General Manager, Jenny looks after all customers and stockists ensuring everyone receives a happy & professional experience. Jenny has 4 children aged 16 down to 6yrs old and also manages some special needs for them, too. Jenny is committed to making a difference to all people no matter the circumstances and Happy Hair™ allows her to do just that every day!

Ramona Taxis

Marketing Manager

Ramona joined the Happy Hair™ Family after 15 years of working in big corporates. As Marketing Manager, Ramona looks after brand strategy, media planning, new product design and all things social. As a mum of a primary school aged daughter with very curly hair, she understands how daily hair battles can impact family life. What she enjoys most in her role is being able to make a difference in people's lives as well as work for a company which gives back to the community.

Flexible work a priority

We have many more amazing people (most of them other mums) working with us all across Australia! Many of them we collaborate with remotely as we believe that people should work where they feel most comfortable. This enables us to continuously grow the Happy Hair family with talented people who believe in our mission: to make 1 million people happy through hair.

Join our Team

We are always on the lookout for new talent who genuinely want to help others, value loyalty and honesty and love a workplace where they can really make a difference. If you are interested in joining the Happy Hair™ Family, please contact us on

Our Awards

Most loved Company Award Winner

The Vote On-Purpose Awards garnered votes from mums Australia-wide to support their favourite brands that are making a difference to their world.

This award celebrates brands that are going above and beyond to act with purpose and make an impact on their wider community. The impressive line-up of 27 brands shortlisted included popular companies such as Nespresso, Bakers Delight and Vetta. Overwhelmingly, Happy Hair™ won the award for their mission to change the emotional and mental wellbeing of people everywhere one head, one heart at a time.

National New Business Champion Winners

Happy Hair™ was acknowledged by Champions of Business Australia as the National New Business Champion Winner at The Star, Pyrmont, Sydney in April 2019.

This result is due to the thousands of very happy customers and our dedicated team of staff that share the mission of making one million people happy.

Hair brushing no longer has to be painful nor a dreaded experience. A huge THANK YOU to our customers, our suppliers, our staff and our families.

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