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Yes lovelies, it's been a labour of love and its here. This brush is all one piece, hair will not get caught in the join, bristles and brush pins are LONGER than the Original Happy Hair Brush so it gets right to your scalp and massages. Its actually light weight, so your arms won't feel like you've been working out to brush your hair. It comes in Rose Gold or Black.

This brush is great for hair extensions too - wont rip them out and takes care of wig hair beautifully as well.

This brush is ONLY available online on the Happy Hair Brush website (for now).

Not just for Mothers !

Tweens and teenager's hair gets more oily due to hormones. This will give the sensation of thicker, harder hair to brush. They can use The Mother Brush easily to detangle and enjoy brushing.

LUXE Haircare Range

The LUXE haircare range is for the whole family. Formualted and made in Sydney, Australia this is our own signature haircare that smells great for everyone who uses the shower. Its the go-to haircare that will have your hair feeling clean and nourished and smell fresh and happy. We've even had FIFO guys (not mentioning names) take it away with them, so we know that everyone loves the black understanded packaging and unique formulation.

The Mother Brush™  is a registered trademark of Happy Hair Brush Pty Ltd. Australian Registered Design No. 202210495

100% designed in Australia     www.themotherbrush.com     @themotherbrush

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