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Brushing Kids Hair can be a Nightmare!

Knotty, kids hair in the morning is hard to brush, until now. The Happy Hair Brush can do this without pain and tantrums
If you’re like me, there comes a certain point where you see your child’s crazy, unwashed, unbrushed hair one too many time and something in you snaps into an avalanche of overwhelming frustration. This avalanche has been building from lots of small little battles you chose not to have which have added up from one or all of the following:

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Tyson is Non-Verbal Autistic and the Happy Hair Brush Experience

Tyson and his mother used to fight about brushing hair. As you can see it's quite short, but his mum likes to have her children with neat and tidy hair. This is the second time he's getting it brushed. The first time proved to him that it felt good so he would actually sit still for this video. Watch and enjoy the delight Tyson has now getting his hair brushed. 

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