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Get our information pack PDF on the Happy Hair Brush School Fundraising Program. This can be then shared with your P&C, Fundraising Committee and/or School Principal. This document explain the program, how it works, the schools involvement, testimonials and why you should get onboard for your school.

Why fundraise with Happy Hair Brush?

Fundraising is easy with this program as it's shared on social channels, email newsletters and with the parents, when they get the brushes in their hands as the brush really is a game changer.

It's easy, it's shareable and it is different. We believe this fundraiser will rock the school's community in solving an unspoken problem at home and raising funds for the school.

So, how does the program work?

We have a done for you marketing campaign that you customise to your school and audience about the Happy Hair Brush. Your link is shared with school families. The brushes arrive each week and the buzz and excitement of them creates more interest and more families and friends of families purchase through the school. Rinse and repeat for 6 weeks and then we pay you 30% of all sales!

Covid Safe!

All brushes are in sealed packaging. They will be delivered to your school or P&C committee with an order list and they can then be delivered to students in their classroom.

Quick & Easy

All orders and payments are processed through the secure Happy Hair Brush site or through the P&C's payment process and then orders are delivered once a week for 6 weeks. To start the campaign, the P&C send a few emails (which we have designed for you) and talk about the brushes and use them (we send you 10 brushes for the parents happy to try and promote) and thats all they need to do! So simple.

Practical & Family Friendly

Happy Hair Brushes are not just for young kids with long hair. They are great for the whole family. Long hair, curly, thick, short and also re-growing hair. The brush head massages the scalp which stimulates hair growth and it feels fantastic on your head. That’s why men love to use it and also why your pet dog or cat will stand still and allow you to brush them as well.

Community Building

Brushing hair is a very personal experience and brushing someone's hair is a bonding / connection opportunity. Our brushes connect; the child to their own hair; the parent to the child; the parent to the grandparent. This campaign also creates connections from the family to other families; the family to neighbours; to grandparents in retirement villages and event sporting clubs. This brush creates conversation and connection. Sounds weird, we know... but talk to our customers and talk to the schools that have run the program and this hair brush program has a deep emotional impact for all extending well beyond the school.

All Year Round Program

This program has promotional angles all year round. Term 1 - Back to School, Starting the year happy. Term 2 - Mothers Day. Term 3 is coming into spring so ready for Sept holidays. Term 4 -Get ready for Christmas and Summer holidays. Our programs run for 6 weeks so it fits neatly into the middle of a term so it doesn’t get lost with start or end of term activities.

Why does this brush make such a difference?

Many factors make this brush work, The curve, the dual bristles, the spacing of bristles on the brush head. For those needing more info, see the info-graphic below.

Who is Happy Hair Brush?

Happy Hair Brush was started by single mum Jen Harwood, from her home in Sydney, after her own bond with her 5 year old daughter Rose was tested to its limits EVERY morning with fights and battle and drama of having to get Rose's hair ready for school. Jen was getting anxiety over one of life's seemingly simple tasks of brushing her kid's hair. So, being the entrepreneur that she is, she created - the Happy Hair Brush to stop these daily challenges once and for all. She shared it with the other mums at her daughter's school and the rest is history. Fast forward 5 years to now and Happy Hair Brushes continue to make mornings a breeze for parents and kids all over Australia. Deemed the 'magic brush' by some, most people can't quite believe it works and almost all don't care how it works, they end up putting the Happy Hair Brush on a pedestal and throwing out every other brush in the house - its that good.

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