Building Child Independence

Most brushes over stimulate the sensory child by either pulling knotty hair till it hurts, scratching their scalp or, because many brushes do this, it causes the parent to fuss and preen way too much causing over connection and personal interaction that the child doesn't want and gets upset about.

They say breakfast makes the day happy. That's true if you don't have kids. However, when you're a parent getting the kids to school on time without the emotional meltdowns and upsets is actually 100% better than breakfast. You can always go get a coffee and a muffin AFTER drop off when you can savour the hotness of your drink and eat the whole muffin yourself in silence reading a book. What's even better is that you're not in a heightened emotional state of guilt and regret having lost your sh$t with the kids because they wouldn't stand still to brush their hair before going to school.

There's always a child in kindy/year one that has the most amazing hair styles EVERY day. Her French braids, intricate platted Rapunzel designs with ribbons and bows perfectly tied and then there's YOUR daughter... who's lucky to have semi brushed hair and in comparison looks like she's been living in the forest for her whole life !

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