The only detangler hairbrush for hard to brush hair. Great for kids, women, beards and even pets
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    Reviews from our Happy Hair Bush Customers


    Shocked!!!!!!!! Absolutely amazing
    "Every time I wash my hair I know I’ll be in pain from all the knots. I have bleached hair and it’s very thick. I scrunch my eyes up every time and it takes 5minutes sometimes (if I’ve been rocking the mum bun for a good 4 days- without brushing) but..... today it was hair wash day and it wasn’t painful.. I’m 33years old and still dread the brush. .... not anymore!!!!!! It’s soooo smooth on my scalp and it glides through so easy. Can’t wait to tell all my friends and family about it. It actually is true... it’s amazing! Thank you I love it so much! "
    Bel C.
    This is impressive
    "Initially I thought $40 was a little steep for a hairbrush but was swayed into giving it a go by all the positive feedback. Let me tell you it’s worth every cent and really does work. I’m now an advocate for this fantastic product and am proud to be supporting an Aussie start-up. "
    Susana D.
    Omg- game changer In doing my daughters hair!
    "Can’t rave enough about this brush... my 7yr has long fine hair that knots so easily. This has made daily styling a breeze!!! Love love love this brush - will be ordering more..."
    Honnie B.
    Best money ever spent!
    "I absolutely love this brush and it has made the world of difference to our lives. My daughter is 4 years old and absolutely hated having her hair brushed due to sensory issues. Now with this brush she has no issues and her hair looks beautiful. She no longer screams and runs away from me and now loves having her hair brushed. "
    Brooke F.
    Happy Hair Brush
    "I was extremely sceptical, I have two-grand daughters with long, thick, coarse, wavy hair. Their hair wasn’t brushed very often because it was always a painful experience. Using the happy hair brush, was unbelievable. If any child was going to complain of pain, then these two would. There was no tears, crying or complaining. They eagerly wait now for their hair to be brushed, and it brushes beautifully in just a few minutes."
    Lorraine B.
    "Goes through my hair without ripping it out, brilliant. Thank you"
    Amanda J.
    Best Hairbrush EVER
    "I've bought many hairbrushes for my daughter but this one is truly the only one we haven't ended up with screaming hysterics!!! Cannot recommend this product any higher. The brush is a bit big for her little hand but she still loves using it herself!!! Thank you for this it had changed our mornings forever!!!!"
    Katie M.
    Why didn’t I buy one sooner😍😍
    "Best brush ever, brushing little miss 5’s long thick knotty. Hair used to be a nightmare. Now we both actually look forward to brushing her hair"
    Rhiannon H.
    "I only received the brush today and before I tried it on my daughter I thought I would attempt to brush my own hair that had been tied up for day. I am so impressed. It didn’t hurt and my hair was lovely and soft. Amazing. I am so happy I purchased. It is well worth the money. "
    Louise W.
    Happy hairbrush
    "My girls absolutely love it "
    Cherrie H.
    "Wow! The sensory brush has been amazing. My daughter who refused to brush her hair for weeks on end has been brushing three times a day!! “Mummy my hair is so smoothe and it doesn’t hurt!” Thank you!"
    Krystal C.
    Happy hair bush review
    "I have been searching for a new bush for some time, came across the happy hair bush and thought I would give it a go. My girls and I just love it and can’t wait to order more."
    Amelia B.
    Heaven sent
    "in love with this brush and how much time and stress it has saved me. Glides through my daughters hair so easily even at the nape of her neck where all her knots seem to be. Amazing 😉 "
    Katherine c.
    Best brush we’ve used!
    "This brush is a life saver! Both my daughters have long hair that tangles easily, particularly my eldest who has really thick rope-like hair that is very hard to brush. Her hair always looked messy and knotty and brushing it became an ordeal - lots of drama and tears! Since we started using the Happy Hair brush her hair is much more manageable and looks shiny, healthy and untangled! She is now enjoying brushing her hair. My youngest daughter loves it too! "
    Kristen P.
    The end of battles over brushing hair
    "My six year old has had massive knots in her hair because she would refuse to brush her hair for days. It's been one step away from dress at times! We've tried lots of different brushes. They normally go mysteriously missing. Well not this time. Miss 6 didn't even wait to try it in the bath like recommended. She picked it up and wouldn't stop brushing her hair!! This brush is a miracle. No more arguments before school, in the bath or when going out. Worth every cent!!"
    Paula C.
    It worked
    "I bought the brush when it had been 10 days since my daughter would let me brush her hair. After the brush arrived it was 4 days until my daughter would let me use it on her hair. She still resists having her hair brushed but we have managed to brush her hair every day since with no screaming! The brush is genuinely pain free due to the very flexible bristles and wide shape. If you are looking for something for a toddler under age 3 I might get the travel brush as the standard brush is very large (though this is part of the reason it works)."
    BriAnne A.
    Magic hair brush
    "At first I was sceptical as to weather it would even work. We couldn't wait to find out so as soon as it arrived we tested her out. My daughter picked a gold brush as she is the one we needed it for most. Apparently gold is the most magical color. So we wet her hair with water only and brushed. No tears no fights no screaming. Pure magic as she calls it. She is so happy it doesnt hurt anymore and only takes 5 minutes compared to the 30 it used to take"
    Belinda B.
    So happy with this brush
    "I purchased this brush in the hopes that I would be able to brush my 6 year old daughter's hair without tears and drama. She has beautiful, curly and thick hair but it tangles easily and brushing it is something we both dread (me for the drama of it!). Our brush arrived last week and wow! Not a single tear has been shed since and not a single complaint. She is now happy to let me brush her hair and even attempts to do it herself. Would recommend 10/10"
    Melissa P.
    Thank you
    "Amazing my mornings and nights are so much easier thanks to this amazing brush :) "
    Kerryn C.
    Game Changer!!
    "It took us a few times before my daughter realised that this was no ordinary brush. After now using for a couple of months we willl never go back to a normal brush and the bonus is my daughter has started to happily brush her own hair. Thank you for a fantastic brushing hair experience, now I have to learn some skills seeing she will sit there nicely while I brush. "
    Carly B.
    Loving Brushing for our whole Family
    "We are all loving our brush! Brushing for everyone is easier! "
    Hayley S.
    Pleasantly surprised
    "Brushing my 2 and a half year Olds hair has never been easier. It takes literally a quarter of the time, and not a single complaint from her. I honestly thought this brush had to be a gimmick, but I couldn't be happier to be proven wrong."
    Jessica D.
    Hairbrush that saved my hair!
    "Having a newborn meant I didn’t brush my hair as often as I once did 🤣 which led to tangles. The Happy Hair brush saved me and my hair! I actually make time in my day to brush my hair because I’m looking forward to it! Usually it’s always just been something I had to do... so Thankyou to everyone in the Happy Hairbrush team!! 💕 "
    Rachel D.
    "Loved it every day is a happy day brushing hair "
    Joanne M.
    Happy Hairbrush = Happy Mumma
    "With three daughters to get ready if a morning this brush has changed my life! All three love it - and we now have zero drama at hair times!! Thankyou!!!!!"
    Corinne C.
    "WOW this brush is amazing my niece would be in pain and crying every time her hair was brushed a total turnaround now she wants her hair brushed!"
    Rachelle M.
    Sigh of relief
    "Brushing my 7 year old daughter's long curly hair was pretty much the worst part of our day. It involved screaming and hitting from my daughter because she was so sensitive to having her hair brushed. We have had the Happy Hair Brush for not quite a week and the screaming stopped instantly the first time we used it. She even brushed and tied back her own hair to go to school for the first time ever. It is so great having one less stress in the day!"
    Melanie C.
    "Fantastic hair brush! Fabulous to use on adult hair that becomes extremely knotty when washed! Couldn’t recommend more!"
    Erin T.
    Very happy hair brush
    "So far so good!"
    Jane B.
    A hairbrush like no other!
    "Easy to de tangle knots in my daughter's fine hair & brushes my hair without the frizz! Curved brush pulls a ponytail up so easy!!"
    Toni M.