The only detangler hairbrush for all hair types and hard to brush hair. Great for kids, women, beards and even pets
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    Love love love
    "So, I used to get my partner to brush my hair because I just couldnt do it. Was sceptical at first, but it really does work. I do it myself now no dramas. And my toddler doesn't even realise I'm brushing her hair."
    Amy M.
    Happy Hair Brushing Time
    "This brush is much gentler on my daughter's long, thick, wavy hair. It's ended hair brushing battles for us"
    Natasha G.
    Happy brush happy us!
    "My girls are loving the new brush and so am I 😀"
    Isabel H.
    Happy hair Brush
    "As soon as I got it out of those box, I was in love with the brush it feels so light as I brush my hair and it doesn’t rip my hair out. Thank you for such a lovely product. "
    Kirsten B.
    Best hairbrush ever
    "I brought this hairbrush for my 2 year old because I'd seen it come up on my instagram feed a few times and then I had seen the lady from kenzies crowns using it on her daughters hair and I was sold. My daughter hated me brushing her hair but now she will happily sit or even use it herself. I also used it on my hair both wet and dry and loved it. Thank you soo much. Fantastic product "
    Jess O.
    Life changer!
    "These brushes are honestly the best things ever invented! Even hubby uses it on his beard haha. No more tears no more screams just a few brushes and it’s done! "
    Jess C.
    "100 percent happiness is garenteed. The original brushes I had brought didn't work for us, I was hesitant to. Write a review but thought I would as it was the product for us. The owner jen contacted me and said I have others that sound like they would be better suited. The replacements worked a treat! Gold for me and my youngest daughter with thick hair. And blue for my daughter with thin notty hair. Happy kids & happy mum. Customer service was the most amazing I have experienced in a very very long time."
    Katey Kae
    "Thank you so much for this amazing product. You have saved mommy and daughters from many painful mornings 👌"
    Michelle S.
    "I recommend 100% , this brush is a life saver! No tears or melt downs when having to do our hair, has also given my daughter the confidence to start to brush her own hair. Even I use it and it totally works🙌🏼🙌🏼"
    Jade Greenfield
    "I absolutely love this hair brush. I bought it for my daughter as we have struggles with knots and pain and I have found myself using it daily also to brush out my horrid mum bun. Brushes straight through without a hassle and even better that it’s pain free! Would recommend this to anybody "
    Macayley B.
    Happy hair brush review
    "Amazing! I have a 14 month old and am currently 34 weeks pregnant with our second. This past year my hair has been very neglected. There have been times where I have not brushed it in over a week. My hair is a beast of its own and it would continually get knots in it and almost turn into dreadlocks if I didn’t brush it everyday. It was such a time consuming process that some days a mum bun and no brushing would just have to do. It also hurt a lot!! This brush has transformed my hair, I actually brush my hair daily now, I can run my own fingers through my hair without my hand getting stuck and it has honestly saved me time! Can not recommend this product enough! I am a believer now!! Thank you!"
    Ashleigh L.
    A Miracle Hairbrush!!!
    "OMG!!! This brush is unbelievable!!! I honestly didn’t have big expectations …just in case it didn’t help but it has changed the lives of my daughter and 4 yr old granddaughter and myself and my daughter-in-law!! My daughter has special needs with lots of sensory issues so I’m letting everyone I know about this amazing brush! My granddaughter has long, very thick, very tight curly here and it was an ongoing nightmare for anyone who tried to brush her hair. From the very first time her mum brushed her hair with it there hasn’t been a peep, not a complaint, not even a squeak! Thankyou xxxxx"
    Candy C.
    This brush is amazing
    "This is the best thing iv ever brought the amount of trouble I had with normal brushes and detanggler brushes and them not working and then I purchased this brush and within miniutes my daughters hair was amazing and she lets me brush it more then she would before and I can’t wait to purchase 2 more of these"
    Terria B.
    "I absolutely love my brush. I firstly bought it for my granddaughter and it was so amazing on her long hair. I just had to buy one for myself. I tell all my friends it’s just amazing how it glides through your hair 🥰🥰🥰🌟🌟🌟"
    Pam L.
    It's fantastic! Makes a big
    "It's fantastic! Makes a big difference to our mornings "
    Sarah B.
    Skeptical until I tried it
    "Amazing hair brush! Bought it for my 2 youngest step daughters who always had loads of tangles and knots and it has been amazing! They actually don’t complain about hair brushing time and the youngest (who was 5 at the time) even started to try and brush her own hair with it. I was skeptical when I first heard about the brush but then thought, why not? So happy we purchased it now! Highly recommend! "
    Elyce W.
    Amazing!! Life saver :)
    "This brush is everything the reviews said and more! Where there is usually tears when getting knots out tonight it was “relaxing!” Thank you so much for this amazing brush 👏🏻"
    Nicole B.
    "It's a genius design, glides through hair better than your conventional brushes. We used to brush twice a week, but now it's everyday because it's been a life changer."
    Atika I.
    This thing is f****** brilliant
    "This is the text I got from my DIL on her first use on my granddaughter with long thick matty hair. She loves it"
    Julie V.
    "I don't think anyone can try this brush and not want one. i already know all my friends with little girls will want one. Thanks girls for taking away one painful morning experience from our life!"
    Kelly-Anne Cummings
    I really love this brush
    "Excellent would recommend this brush to my friends and family. Item arrived within two days I bought it for my daughter who is 11 and all the hair brushes I have used in the past have not worked she hated me brushing her hair had to use bottle of water to spray her hair before I brushed it. With the happy hair brush I don’t have to wet it much and she never screams or tells me to stop it hurts. So over all it’s great for her and myself worth the money when it works Happy brushing in our house love the colour they come in 👌🏻"
    Maddie A.
    Love this brush (for myself & my 3yr old)
    "A different brushing experience, feels lovely on your head. Works wonderful on wet hair & tackling my daughters knots."
    Sarah-lee R.
    "My daughter loves this brush so much, it has transformed the our evening routine! Never going back :-)"
    Angela M.
    Should of bought one earlier!
    "From the moment my twin girls used their Happy Hair Brush we were all so excited and relieved! No more stress in the mornings brushing their hair as there are no more tears (!!!!) and their hair looks so soft and smooth! Would highly recommend!!"
    Kelly C.
    Best Brush Ever!
    "I wish I’d found this 5yrs earlier! My daughters hair is so fine and constantly tangled and ruined with swimming. This brush has saved her hair! I’m getting another one for her dance bag it’s so good!"
    Pippa C.
    Thankyou happy hairbrush 💕
    "So great, Miss 3 will even let Master 1 brush her hair 👏🏻"
    Jennifer K.
    "The first time I used the brush, I stood in front of the mirror, held my breathe, and held it against my head in anticipation. I honestly just wanted it to work so bad. And it did!!!!! I have VERY thick, wavy, long hair and legitimately cry each time I brush my hair, so I save this torture time for at least once or twice a week just to build up the courage. I pulled the brush through my hair and it just went straight through. No fuss, no tugging, no crying. It just worked. And I’m honestly so amazed! It’s like some magic brush that has been sent from the gods. So I thank you! I thank the creators of this brush so much. You have made my life a lot easier, and I would 1000% recommend this to anyone with hair problems."
    Kellie H.
    Happy with my hair
    "I’m an adult and my hair was so knotty (most of the time I twist it in a bun as I was washing it once a fortnight and especially towards start of next wash it was easier to hide the knotted bottom of my hair in a bun,as I kind of at least had the top of my hair rebrushed to look neat) and I was struggling to get my other brush all way through my dark brown, long, thick, layered, curly frizzy hair, often with ringlets.) As soon as I got the brush I was excited to try it out. My first brush of it was still a little hard to do because of my hair but I held it like a pony tail to try to get all knots out, which was easier then trying the brush with my hair being out out, since then it’s been so much easier to brush each day and I take all the hair out of the bursh easily with each brush I do. Thankyou."
    Amee W.
    "This has been great. My daughter loves her special brush and it’s made grooming a lot less painful for both of us!! "
    Amanda R.
    "can't recommend this brush enough daughter has gone from crying and screaming to wanting her hair brush all the time"
    Lisa Henderson